9 Reasons to Load Your Fruit Salad with Oranges


You know oranges are jam-packed with nutrients: high in vitamin C, fiber, folate and antioxidants, and low in calories and sugar. But do you know about the health benefits oranges offer apart from immune-boosting properties? They are awesomely surprising. Whether you love oranges or you eat them once in a while, the following reasons will make you load your summer fruit salads with oranges on a daily basis.

1. Keep your kidneys healthy

Help your kidneys function properly by including at least one orange in your daily meal plan. If you love orange juice, it is better. Orange juice is a good source of a natural form of citrate that slows down kidney stone formation and can help to reduce your risk for kidney disease.

2. Turn back the hands of time

Oranges boast powerful anti-aging properties thanks to their high antioxidant content. Vitamin C protects the skin against damage from UVA and UVB rays, stimulates collagen production, prevents pigmentation and inflammatory skin conditions.

3. Make your heart stronger

Here is why: oranges are rich in potassium, an essential mineral for heart health. Low potassium level may lead to abnormal heart rhythms, especially if you suffer from heart disease. Since potassium deficiency is a common problem these days, it it critical to consume foods high in potassium. Orange is one of them.

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4. Banish viral infections

Consuming foods that are rich in polyphenols can help you strengthen your immune system, which in turn will help protect you from viral infections. Oranges are plentiful in polyphenols known for their anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, anti-carcinogenic and anti-proliferative properties.

5. Increase your fiber intake

Fiber plays an important role in keeping high cholesterol levels at bay, lowering your risk for atherosclerosis. Fiber can also help manage type 2 diabetes since it keeps blood sugar levels under control. Oranges are high in fiber so eating them regularly will help you increase your fiber intake and improve your overall health.


6. Improve your eye health

Our eyes suffer more than ever. We keep them busy most of the time so we have to protect them. Wearing glasses is not the only solution. Foods that are rich in vitamin A do the better work. Not only they do protect your vision, but they can also help prevent macular degeneration. Oranges are not the best source of vitamin A, but one cup contains 8% of the daily recommended intake.

7. Fight free radical damage

Free radicals attack the body’s cells and can cause serious damage in the body, including heart disease and cancer. Oranges are packed with vitamin C that protects the body’s cells by neutralizing free radicals.

8. Boost brain power

Vitamin B9 found in oranges promotes healthy brain development and boosts brain power. This is a reason why pregnant women should include oranges in their eating plan (in moderation, of course), as they help prevent the baby from developing neurological disorders.

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9. Relieve constipation

As I mentioned above, oranges are rich in fiber – both soluble and insoluble – that is essential for your digestive health and regular bowel movements. Eating an orange a day can help you avoid irritable bowel syndrome, including constipation. A glass of fresh orange juice can help with constipation too.

If you are not eating oranges and not drinking fresh orange juice at least once a week, why not start today? They boast many other health benefits that you can reap. Add oranges to your salads or oatmeal, use in your smoothies or drink juice. But, do not forget about moderation, especially if you suffer from any type of disease.