Recipe For Raspberry Marshmallow Custard Parfaits


My banana pudding idea morphed as most of my ideas usually do. I didn’t have any bananas and I did have frozen raspberries. I also had some marshmallows that were ready to be used or turned into decorative rocks in the front yard. Then, there was the can of Bird’s custard mix that I bought to make a Daring Bakers’ challenge that has been languishing in my freezer door…it begged to be included.

I was reminiscing about a dessert my mom used to make when I was a little girl. It had a layer of marshmallows and cream cheese folded into whipped cream upon which rested a layer of thickened raspberry sauce, and all of it was spread on a graham cracker crust. It was one of my favorite desserts and then, it was moved off the rotation and was forgotten about. That is, until I saw the homemade vanilla wafers, the raspberries and the marshmallows.

Basically, I layered the cookies, a homemade raspberry sauce and a marshmallow cream cheese custard. All five of my taste testers loved it. The Thinker put up ten fingers and flashed them multiple times. The Engineer kept looking at his empty sundae glass, trying to figure out how to get his tongue all the way down to the bottom to lick it out.

1. Info for Raspberry Marshmallow Custard Parfaits

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2. Ingredients for Raspberry Marshmallow Custard Parfaits

  • 11 ounces raspberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 cup water, plus 2 Tbsp
  • 2 Tbsp water
  • 28 large marshmallows
  • 4 ounces cream cheese
  • 1 Tbsp sugar
  • 1 Tbsp Bird’s Custard Mix
  • homemade vanilla wafers (or store bought, if you must)

3. Directions:

  1. In a sauce pan, boil the raspberries, sugar and 1 cup water.
  2. Combine the cornstarch and 2 Tbsp water and then, while stirring, pour the cornstarch mixture into the raspberries.
  3. Stir until thickened, remove from heat and let cool.
  4. In a microwave safe bowl, combine the marshmallows, cream cheese and ½ cup milk.
  5. Microwave, a minute at a time, until the marshmallows puff up and the cream cheese melts.
  6. Mix well.
  7. In another microwave safe bowl, combine the sugar and custard mix.
  8. Add the 1 cup milk and microwave a few minutes, until it boils and thickens.
  9. Combine the marshmallow mixture with the custard mixture.
  10. Crumble some vanilla wafers into the bottom of parfait glasses.
  11. Layer the raspberry sauce and the custard.
  12. Add more cookies as you desire.
  13. Chill at least an hour before serving.

4. Tips and advices:

  • You can use a regular small vanilla pudding mix instead of the custard mix, just make it up according to the package directions. Or, you could use a homemade custard…if you have the time and inclination.

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