Recipe For The Best Thumb Prints Ever or Banbury Tarts


If I were to ask any of my boys what cookies are their favorites, they would invariably say, “the ones with the jam in them.”

This recipe was originally posted in November 2008, but when my two 11-year-olds were told to each bring a dozen cookies to a Boy Scout court of honor and that the cookies were going to be judged, I knew there was only one thing to do. Both boys brought a plate of these cookies (and I had to re-post this recipe).

After all, I couldn’t let one boy take a different kind when both felt like these were the best. If either won, I’d hear about it for weeks….from the other brother.

After we got to the court of honor, the scout master announced that the cookies were not going to be judged on taste, but on presentation. Ours, plated on lovely white paper plates, lost to chocolate chip cookie sandwiches (chocolate frosting in between) on sturdy plastic plates that had a colorful square design. Oh well.

We know that ours tasted the best.

1. Info for The Best Thumb Prints Ever or Banbury Tarts

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2. Ingredients for The Best Thumb Prints Ever or Banbury Tarts

  • 1½ cups butter
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 4 cups flour
  • jam (we like strawberry the best)

3. Directions:

  1. Cream butter and sugar.
  2. Add egg and vanilla.
  3. Add flour.
  4. Form into 1 inch balls, make an indentation and fill with jam.
  5. Bake 350 degrees for 10 minutes.

4. Tips and advices:

  • I have found that a clean flower water tube like the one pictured here make perfect indentations without any mess.

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