5 Ways to Eat Heart Healthy through the Holiday Season


4. How to incorporate heart health to baking

One big way to decrease fats and cholesterol, while still using natural ingredients in baking, and allowing for a very similar consistency is pretty simple. Applesauce, which is high in fiber, can be substituted for butter or oils, and your recipes still have a delicious flavor, so much so, that you don’t even miss the artery clogging butter and you can usually cut down on the sugar, as it can be a bit sweeter! Just remember that when replacing butter or oil with applesauce you can use a 1:1 ratio; if your recipe calls for a cup of butter, substitute with a cup of applesauce. And, if you are worried about completely replacing the butter or oil, try decreasing to half of the oils/butter and half applesauce (but I promise you won’t know the difference!)

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