Here Is What to Eat When You Do Not Feel Like Eating


We all have been there wondering what to put in our bodies when we actually do not want to eat anything. While this mostly happens in the morning, a stressful lifestyle can make you skip your lunch-, snack- and even dinnertime. There is another dilemma when you really crave something but have trouble finding out what to eat.

With my high-stress levels, high blood pressure and constant sleep deprivation, I have had to seek for the ways to trick my mind and stomach into thinking that I actually want to eat. If you are anything like me, read on and try out some of my tried and tested tips.

When you do not feel like eating in the morning

Since I’m not an early riser, my breakfast time starts at around 11 am, but since I work 9 to 6, I have to wake up earlier and this is the major reason why I don’t feel like eating. In this case, I drink a black tea with cheese and a whole-grain bread. I realize that it’s not the healthiest breakfast choice, but it’s the quickest way to fuel your body without experiencing a morning sickness.

When you are too stressed to have your lunch

Stress affects people’s appetite in different ways. While some people munch on whatever they have handy, others experience appetite loss. I belong to both worlds. But if you don’t feel like eating your lunch because of stress, have a glass of lemon water or eat one orange. Vitamin C will boost your mood while reducing your stress levels. Skip the salad and have some vegetable slices or fruit and berries instead. Sugar-free cookies may be an option too.

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When you do not feel like eating in the evening

After a hard, stressful day, all you may want is just relax. Dinner may be the last thing that you think about and even though you know you must eat something, you fail to come up with some “light” dinner that won’t make you feel stuffed.

When I don’t feel like having my dinner, I cook a plain white rice or ordinary mashed potato with a tiny bit of butter and herbs. Yes, it’s not so healthy, but it helps me fight hunger and fall asleep faster. When it comes to drinks, I opt for fruit-infused water – I love an apricot and orange combo.

Despite being a smoothie and oatmeal lover, I must confess that I let stress control my appetite at times. I know that going hungry can lead to eating disorder that is so hard to handle (trust me, I know it). Finally, when you don’t feel like eating, open a cookbook or read some recipes with pictures, and you will instantly want to have that bowl of quinoa or rice.