5 Reasons to Drink a Green Smoothie for Breakfast


Breakfast is one of the best times of day to drink your green smoothie, especially if you are trying to improve your health or shed weight. Having a green smoothie for breakfast is a dream come true. Green smoothies are incredibly delicious (yes, they are!) and quick and easy to make. When you rush out the door without having your breakfast, you don’t start your day off right, which means you may feel weak, hungry and tired in an hour and all you can think about is have some yummy snacks.

I’m a smoothie junkie so experimenting with green smoothie recipes is one of my favorite tasks to do in the morning. Kids love green smoothies too. My niece (who is a huge picky eater!) enjoys drinking a green smoothie for breakfast and says it’s one of the best breakfasts. She loves to drink her green smoothie with her favorite pancakes.

Gone are the days of diet-friendly green smoothies. Today you can make healthy smoothies for the whole family. Here’s why I drink a green smoothie for breakfast and recommend you to do the same.

1. Fight fatigue

Many people suffer from a morning fatigue. While exercise is a healthy way to fight fatigue, drinking a green smoothie in the morning helps to prevent it as well as helps to improve your mood and relieve a morning anxiety. Malnutrition is one of the major reasons for morning fatigue (and chronic too) and since a green smoothie is rich on many essential nutrients, having a glass for breakfast may help prevent malnutrition.

2. Nutritional powerhouse

Green smoothies are chock-full of vitamins and minerals, so you can meet your vitamin and mineral requirements with little to no effort. Sure, it all depends on fruit and veggies you use in your smoothies but generally any green smoothie is healthy. When you add spinach, apples, pears and kale in your smoothie, you boost your intake of potassium, selenium, vitamin A and vitamin C.

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3. Low-calorie breakfast

Skipping breakfasts may help you save some calories but it won’t help you lose weight. Moreover, it’s bad for your overall health. A green smoothie is a great low-calorie breakfast that helps speed up your metabolism, boosts your energy, and satisfies your hunger while keeping you healthy, active and slim. Just be careful what you use in your green smoothies, since many fruits are high in sugar and calories. Opt for low calorie ingredients such as lettuce, kale, spinach, oranges, and green apples, and avoid adding too much banana that is high in calories and sugar. If you like to use yogurt in your smoothie, opt for low-fat versions.

4. Antioxidant boost

Green smoothies are high in powerful anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory antioxidants. These antioxidants help to prevent premature aging, improve your eye health and boost your energy levels. If you wake up feeling tired and exhausted, instead of reaching for a cup of coffee, reach for a glass of green smoothie to give yourself a natural burst of energy. Consider using bell peppers, carrots, and tomatoes in your green smoothie to increase your antioxidant intake.

5. Healthy skin

Whether you suffer from acne or just want to improve your complexion, try drinking green smoothies on a daily basis to enjoy a healthy, glowing skin. Don’t expect instant results, though, especially if you eat some unhealthy food during the day. I suggest you add one red bell pepper to your green smoothie; red bell pepper is one of the best foods for perfect skin, not to mention it can make your smoothie tastier.

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There are many reasons why I drink green smoothies for breakfast, and sometimes, for dinner. Green smoothies are healthy, nutritious and delicious. Although you can drink your green smoothie at any time, having it for breakfast is a healthier option. You will improve your skin health, maintain healthy hair, boost your productivity and stay slim and healthy all year long. What’s your reason to drink a green smoothie in the morning? What’s your favorite recipe? Let me know in the comments section please.