15 Infographics About Healthy Eating Tips This Winter


The cold season is a necessary time to watch your diet and keep yourself healthy. But, unfortunately, along with winter usually comes the season of illness or weight gain.

A healthy diet can help you cope with illness and support your immune system. Below you’ll find 15 infographics on tips for eating healthy this winter.

1. 6 Healthy Eating Tips This Winter

Dress warmly, eat right – these are simple tips that will help you avoid injuries and illnesses during the cold season. In addition, the uncomplicated tips from the infographic below will help improve and maintain good health all winter long.

2. A Guide to Winter Food

How to support yourself during the winter? A weakened immune system, digestive disorders, and inflammatory diseases all immediately impact our well-being. So pay attention to seasonal vegetables, fruits, and other products that contain a full range of valuable substances.

3. The Highest Antioxidant Foods to Eat During Winter

The food in winter is sometimes not varied. It is worth including fruits and vegetables into your diet to strengthen immunity and feel invigorated. What kind of antioxidant foods should be on your table in winter can be found out below.

4. How to Eat Local in the Winter

Seasonal foods contain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that our bodies especially need at this time of year. For example, in the winter, we lack vitamin D due to spending more time indoors. A short guide to healthy and nutritious foods during the winter season can be found below.

5. Nature’s Immune Boosters

To improve your well-being and the condition of your body, you need to enhance your immunity and in all its manifestations. Food products are perfect for this purpose. Therefore, you can now start the necessary food prophylaxis because food is the best way to support the immune system.

6. Immune Boosting Recipes for Cold and Flu Season

Winter brings us merry holidays and is often the cause of many illnesses that decrease our body’s defenses. Explore, choose the most suitable recipe for you from the infographic below.

7. Guide to Winter Veggies

Nowadays, everyone knows the importance of vegetables. They should be on our table all year round. What vegetables to diversify your winter meals? Learn from the valuable material below.

8. How to Cook Every Winter Vegetable

Many winter vegetables provide us with vitamins during the cold season and have a delicious taste. The important thing here is to preserve most of the vitamins and to keep the vegetables crispy. Unfortunately, some people limit themselves to pickled and canned vegetables. We suggest you push the limits and diversify your diet.

9. 7 Winter Spices to Keep You Healthy and Hygge

What all “hot” spices have in common is their effect on the body. In wintertime, they help to fight colds, eliminating headaches and even taking away edema. However, before proceeding to their use in the diet, it is worth studying the infographic below.

10. Wacky Wonderful Winter Squash

Squash is a popular winter vegetable for U.S. residents. Culturally, the fruit has remarkable versatility. As a result, squash is an absolute best seller among people who lead healthy lifestyles.

11. Top 10 Food & Drink Specialties to Help You Survive Winter

Food and drink that is perfectly familiar in one country may be forbidden in another. Consider which countries and what is in the topmost consumed food and drink in winter.

12. 9 Warming Winter Dishes From Around the World

Winter is a favorite time of year for many people around the world. It again makes us feel insanely cozy and relaxed when we gather as a family around the holiday table. If you are a foodie and love to eat, you will be interested in various winter dishes from around the world.

13. 14 Simple Salads for Winter

On cold days, you don’t want to eat a refreshing fresh cucumber salad at all. Salads at this time should be more dense, hearty, warm, literally and figuratively. It is a well-known fact that tasty winter salads come from winter fruits and vegetables.

14. Winter Grain Bowls 101

Rice, quinoa, and other grains are the perfect base for an assortment of colorful vegetables, protein ingredients, and sauces. To put together recipes for delicious bowls, you can use the helpful infographic below. These dishes are great for lunch, dinner, and even a rich breakfast.

15. Winter Juicing Ingredients

With the arrival of cold winter weather, our body needs even more of the necessary amount of vitamins. Freshly squeezed winter juices become the first aid in this endeavor. Below you will find several options for fresh winter juices, which will energize you even during the cold season.

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