Cheese Tea Exists and It Is Everything


Behold, the power of cheese. It has the power to make children eat vegetables. It is THAT good. I love cheese. It might just be my most favorite thing to eat ever. When I lived in China, finding cheese was not always easy. Or rather, finding GOOD cheese wasn’t. Cheese is not used in Asian cooking.

But something changed since I moved back to the states. That something? Cheese Tea. It has been sweeping Asia by storm ever since and has people lined up for hours waiting to try it.

I know it sounds pretty gross, but there are few things that can’t be made better with cheese. But look at all the weird-yet-delicious combinations out there: peanut butter and bananas, coffee and butter, and honey and pizza. If we are going to indulge in these freaky pairings, we might as well see what the fuss is all about for Cheese Tea.

Table of contents:

  1. So, what is it?
  2. Can you make your own Cheese Tea?

1. So, what is it?

There is this layer of whipped cream, cheesy mixture that gets poured over the tea that you choose, preferably a Jasmine green tea. The cheesy layer is seasoned with salt and floats on top like a foamy sea of cheese. The real catch is drinking it at just the right angle so that the tea and the cheese layer mix in your mouth at just the right moment. The end result is a flavor so complex it will blow your mind.

Heytea and Happy Lemon are two Asian companies that sell Cheese Tea, however, Happy Lemon has locations in America (Boston, California, and New Jersey to be specific). If you are not near these though and not planning a trip to Asia any time soon, you can learn how to make your own Cheese Tea and see how you like it. Plus, you will not have to stand in line for hours to wait your turn to order one.

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2. Can you make your own Cheese Tea?

Absolutely. Ethan Wong offers a video on how to make Cheese Tea so that you can make it on your own. For those that are skeptical about uniting cheese and tea, it incorporates cream cheese. We know how delightful cream cheese can be in desserts. It fits the bill for both sweet and savory items, so it really does not seem so out of place with tea now, does it?

You can make your own Cheese Tea using any type of tea that you like from green tea to black tea. There is no right or wrong tea to use since it is your preference. If you want to get the consistency of the cheese layer just right, follow the video in the link to see how to do just that or experiment on your own. Isn’t that supposed to be the fun of making food and beverages anyway?

Cheese Tea does bring back a certain element of fun with it and that is perhaps why it is so popular right now. It is quirky and strange, taking two lovely ingredients that we love and combining them together for an elevated experience.

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