9 Exquisite Tea Party Ideas


Bring together the special women in your life and have a great time of sipping, bonding and story swapping. Whether it is a tea birthday party or a tea party-themed bridal shower, you will definitely love these 9 tea party ideas. Your guests will love them too.

1. Tea variety

Tea is obviously the backbone of your tea party and therefore should be given lots of attention. Prepare at least 3 types of teas so that each guest can choose one according to their tastes. For example, you could serve herbal, strong and mild flavored teas with honey, brown sugar, cream and milk alongside.

2. Sandwiches

No matter where you come from, tea and finger sandwiches cannot miss from the menu. Some tasty sandwiches are sure to keep your friends full and happy, so prepare some of the best ones such as beef, chicken, ham, smoked salmon or vegetable sandwiches. You can also add some light ones to the menu like butter radish or watercress sandwiches.

3. Sweets and savories

Include some tasty sweets and savories as snacks for your tea party. Some good options for sweets include chocolates, éclairs, pastries, cupcakes and sponge cakes. Besides sandwiches, other savories that you can add include crackers, nuts and cheese.

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4. Scones

An afternoon tea party has to have scones, so choose the sweet or savory ones according to the preferences of your guests. Try serving some mouthwatering cinnamon, raspberry or cream scones and your ladies will love you for it.

5. Spreads and jams

When throwing a tea party, do not forget to have a few spreads and jams on the table. They add flavor to the scones, sweets and savories. For spreads, try including homemade mayonnaise, clotted cream, lemon curd and peanut butter. 2 or 3 different types of jams will suffice.

6. Choose a theme

This is not strictly necessary, but it does add lots of excitement. Just about any theme will do for a tea party, and you can also come up with your own. For instance, if you love literature, you could host a book-themed party such as Harry Porter or Treasure Island. The ideas are limitless.

7. Tea party invitations

After settling on a theme, send out invitations at least a fortnight before your event. You can either send email invites or make some nice custom invitation cards. Remember to ask your guests on the invitations if they are allergic to any food so that they notify you when they RSVP.

8. Location

If the weather is nice, set your tea party amongst the flowers or trees in your backyard or garden. If you do not have such a setting, the dining room, or any other unique place in your home would be perfectly fine. Think outside the box to make it a little extra special.

9. Games

Time to play now. After entertaining your guests with food, engage them with games. Party games come in handy at this juncture. There are many ideas for tea party games, but perhaps the most popular one is Mad Libs. Before your party starts, write down a short story containing Mad Libs, or pull one from a good Mad Libs book.

Remember to encircle every blank with an appropriate word. You can pass the story around, and let your guests fill in the blanks. Once the story is complete, read it aloud and have a laugh together as you share a funny story with your friends. You can even put a prize to the funniest word in the story.

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Fun ideas for tea parties are hard to come by, trust me, I looked. As a tea junkies, I am always on the lookout for new ideas, and of course, new types of tea. Recently I have discovered and tried plum tea and honeydew tea. These are exquisite homemade teas that you will not find in the store.