Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Your Eating Habits


Having eating habits that no one supports is tricky. You always have to explain why you eat whole foods and avoid meat, for example. I’m often judged by other people who believe vegetarians are crazy and sick, but this never makes me feel ashamed of my meal patterns and eating habits. I march to my own beat and don’t feel the need to stick to the same eating plans most people have. No matter what your eating habits, there are always others out there that can judge you and try to change you. Don’t let them do it. Be proud of your eating habits, unless they are not the bad ones. Whether you are a vegetarian or a fast food hater, here’s why you shouldn’t be shamed of your healthy eating habits:

1. Go vegan? Be proud of yourself!

Just because you strive to save animals’ lives doesn’t mean something’s wrong with your mind. Vegetarians are not crazy, as many people think. I remember the first time I said out loud that I’d never eat meat again. My parents and friends were shocked and couldn’t understand my decision. If you are a vegetarian, you know what I’m talking about. It was hard for me to stick to my vegan diet while others enjoyed juicy grilled meat. It’s not because I craved meat, it’s because I felt awkward and a bit ashamed of my eating plan. Though, I didn’t give up and now I’m proud of being a vegetarian. Some of my friends are trying to go vegan too, and my parents don’t moan about my “unhealthy” (as they think) eating habits anymore. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Just being proud of your meal plan is enough to show others that you eat what you really want.

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2. Can’t imagine your day without processed foods? No worries, you don’t wreck your health

Well, of course, if you consume processed foods in moderation. When eaten in excess, processed foods are seriously harmful. I have always believed we can eat whatever we want but in small portions. It’s okay to consume processed foods with whole ones – just look for processed foods that are made from whole foods to reduce your risk of disease. Some of the healthiest processed foods are organic, plain Greek yogurt, raw nut butters, unsweetened coconut and almond milks, cocoa powder, organic coffee, flax meal, and organic salsa.

3. Are you a smoothie junkie? Enjoy a fantastic health!

Smoothies… It seems people have become obsessed with this type of drink. If you are a healthy smoothie lover, congrats, guys, you have a better chance of living a healthier and longer life. Why are smoothies so popular these days? I receive many messages and emails every day that contain a similar question. I can proudly say that I’m a smoothie junkie and I do like to recommend people to include both fruit and green smoothies in their daily eating plans.

Smoothies are fortified with vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants that help you stay healthy day by day. They are good for everyone – for those who are trying to put on weight and those who want to shed some pounds. Starting day with a green smoothie is an instant way to boost your energy, speed up your metabolism, detoxify your body and kick-start your brain. The benefits of consuming smoothies are endless. Give them a try and you’ll feel all of those benefits. If you are already a huge smoothie lover, don’t break this habit and don’t feel ashamed of being a little bit obsessed with smoothies. I can’t stop experimenting with new smoothie recipes and I don’t care when others say I need to stop following any smoothie trends.

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4. Stick to your own diet plan? You don’t know how lucky you are

Why? Because it’s much easier to create your own diet plan and stick to it on a daily basis. You know what you need and want to eat, you know when you can enjoy that delis dessert and when you should skip fast food. You know what foods helps keep your energy levels high during the day. You know what bedtime snack to have in order to sleep better. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s so wonderful when you know what you should eat to feel and look healthy without turning to any supplements and medications.

Although healthy eating is the key to a longer and healthier life, make sure you are not obsessed with it. Nowadays more and more people, particularly young ladies, suffer from orthorexia – an obsession with healthy food. Anorexia is another dangerous eating disorder that affects both emotional and physical health. If you are sure you don’t have any eating disorders, be proud of your healthy eating habits. Have you ever felt ashamed of your meal plan? Let me know about your favorite healthy meals in the comments section.