7 Ways to Make a Quick Soup That Tastes Super Delicious


As we all are working women and every day keeps us very busy we can`t afford spending too much time in the kitchen. But we definitely want to eat delicious and healthy food spending less time for its preparation. My perfect way out is creating a quick soup recipes. When there are all natural and healthy ingredients and I do not need to spend hours at the stove it is just the job. So I am going to share some tips with you on how to create a quick recipe of an amazing home-made soup.

1. Your favorite spices

Your favorite herbs and spices will make a perfect addition to your quick soup. They will add aroma, flavor and special delicious taste. Everything will go: oregano, bay leaf, black pepper, sage, turmeric and parsley, whatever you like. But be careful and use no more than ¼ teaspoon. Otherwise, your soup will be more like boiled everything you have in one pan. Spices are necessary but in moderation.

2. Add onion

Onions are an ever present ingredient of a delicious soup. It will take you just a few minutes to peel it, wash, cut into quarters and put into the pot. You may choose to dice it but anyway when the soup is ready the quarters will flake apart. It always adds aroma and special flavor to any dish. Taking garlic is another option. You may use it instead or alongside with onion.

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3. Buy a great stock

Having a home-made stock guarantees that your soup will be of natural and healthy ingredients. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to go for it into a store. Choose one of high quality and it is obligatory to read the list of ingredients. I usually take unsalted veggie broths with low sodium, they are nutritious and have better taste.

4. Frozen vegetables

Personally I find it inconvenient to buy all the fresh vegetables needed separately. More convenient option is to buy a bag of frozen ones. In the supermarket you will find many options with different ingredients so you may choose the one that suites your taste best. Most of them are already chopped all you have to do is just to defreeze. Another bonus is that such veggies may be stored (and must be stored) in the fridge for longer time than fresh vegetables.

5. Add any protein you like

Your soup without protein will taste unflavored so add some protein of your choice to it. This may be fish or chicken, beans or quinoa. These products are rich not only in proteins but also in fiber and essential nutrients. As it is your own quick soup recipe, you can use whatever you like.

6. A can of fire roasted tomatoes

Sure, this ingredient isn’t for every soup recipe, but if you choose to add it to your soup, I assure you, you won`t regret it. Roasted tomatoes will add flavor to your soup and will make it a little bit sweet without any sugar added. Organic tomatoes are usually tomatoes with no salt added, so read the list of ingredients before buying.

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7. Use a slow cooker

Making soup in a slow cooker will take about 2 hours but you won`t have to be constantly near it stirring, controlling the heat etc. You may leave it and find another important thing to do. It is also better than waiting for the soup for half a day as most slow cookers with the soup recipes designed for them. If you don`t have one, you may easily use your stove and start cooking it uncovered on a medium heat for about 15 minutes and then make the heat lower, cover with the lid and continue cooking for another 15 minutes.

Quick soups may be delicious, believe me. Just remember and follow these easy tips and your soup will always taste fantastic without spending hours on its preparation. Feel free to experiment and after combining and cooking what you have in your fridge you will have an extremely delicious dish. Do you have your own secrets of cooking quick soups?