6 Tasty Ways to Add More Turmeric to Your Diet


Turmeric has been around for thousands of years, yet everyone has seemingly been abuzz about it recently. That is largely due to recent research cementing what people in ancient times somehow seemed to know long before technology… that turmeric is a powerful healer.

Touted for curing bloating, gas, and other digestive issues as well as menstrual cramps and cuts and burns, turmeric is fantastic for reducing inflammation. It is also antibacterial and antimicrobial. It can do wonders for you if you incorporate it into your diet. But how do you make that happen without exclusively feasting on curries?

Try these suggestions for tasty ways to get more turmeric into your diet.

1. Jazz up your bean soups

Any soup made with lentils or even split pea soup will benefit flavorful from the addition of turmeric. And you will benefit healthfully too. It is best if you chop up fresh turmeric, but you can use the powdered stuff for another added dimension of flavor.

2. Spice up your smoothies

If you can’t start your day without your green smoothie, then there is good news. You can make it even more good-for-you by adding turmeric powder to it. It lends a bit of spice and warmth, an ideal comforting treat on days that are chilly.

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3. Take it for a dip

For party perfect dips that add a healthy kick, add in turmeric. You can use it in anything from fresh-made hummus to guacamole to salsa. It goes well with just about everything you can imagine, so dip into the good times and good health with turmeric tossed into your favorite dips.

4. Roast veggies for a next-level side dish

For the best flavor, you can roast turmeric to soften it and bring about a whole new realm of taste when roasting it with vegetables. But if all you have is turmeric powder, do not sweat it.

You can still reap the benefits for your health and your taste buds by sprinkling it on top of cauliflower, green beans, potatoes, or any vegetables you desire.

5. Grate it fresh onto raw vegetables

While roasting turmeric imparts a uniquely splendid fragrance and flavor, there’s something to be said for simply grating fresh turmeric on top of your salads. Try it with an Asian ginger dressing for an intensely delicious and beautifully beneficial salad you will love.

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6. Add it to your tea

If you want your digestive system to run smoothly and you want to feel better every day, try brewing a cup of green tea with slices of fresh turmeric and ginger steeping in it. This incredible combination resulting from the essence of these ingredients is pure magic.

Turmeric is not for curries only. How do you use turmeric in your daily life? Please, let me know!