7 Must Have Kitchen Items for a Homemade First Aid Kit


Accidents can happen anywhere in the home, but after burning my hand fairly badly on the stove recently, I decided having a homemade first aid kit would be essential. I searched online to find homemade burn treatments and found some very interesting ways to help with a burn. These items not only help with burns, but they also have other benefits that would be great in a homemade first-aid kit.

Table of contents:

  1. Distilled white vinegar
  2. Apple cider vinegar
  3. Honey
  4. Coconut oil
  5. Aloe vera
  6. Essential oils
  7. Mustard

1. Distilled white vinegar

This was one of the first suggestions I found online for treating burns. Yes, it helps ease the pain. Vinegar is a great tool to have in a first-aid kit because it can also treat the following ailments:

  • Ringworm
  • Heartburn
  • Insect bites
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Head lice
  • Any fungal infection

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