7 Fabulous Cocktails to Serve at Your Holiday Party ๐Ÿธ


Itโ€™s difficult to imagine a great party without exquisite and delicious cocktails. You can have a different kind of party but still you will need to prepare some savory drinks to treat your guests. Make sure to add some snacks to your menu. If you want to surprise and impress your friends you can experiment with the numerous recipes of cocktails.

Certainly, it would be better if you try them first and after make at home. I hope that the following list of cocktails will help you to choose some that your friends will find really pleasing.

1. Cranberry Juice and Vodka

There are a lot of people who really like cranberry juice due to its wonderful bright color and sharp taste. You can add little vodka to this juice and an exquisite cocktail will be ready. Serve it at different events. A bit of lime will look amazing as a decoration for the drink.

It is suitable for different occasions such as: engagement party, an outdoor picnic or engagement party. The only advice for you will be not to drink too much of this yummy cocktail as you can be drunk soon.

2. Basil Whisky Sour

Definitely, one of the tastiest drinks which can please people with its special flavor is basil whisky sour. You can drink a sip of this cocktail in order to relax after some hard work. To make it you need syrup with basil leaves but donโ€™t forget to remove the leaves when syrup is ready.

After, you can add whisky and water. In completion, squeeze some lime juice into it. The cocktail can be served to your guests. They will certainly be astonished with its unique taste.

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3. Kahlua and Milk

You can mix these two ingredients together to make an exquisite cocktail for your guests. This drink will taste perfectly after dinner. Take an ounce of Kahlua and add it to a glass of milk. Everything should be stirred carefully. Sometimes this drink can be even served instead of dessert.

It has a sweet pleasing taste. It would be nice to give your friends this warm cocktail when they are cold in nasty weather. Kahlua and milk drink should certainly prevail over the rest of cocktails at your party.

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4. Mojitos

If you want to treat you guests with fresh and delicate drink you should definitely think about mojito. It will help you to make your festive table a bit different. First, you prepare a mixture of agave syrup, mint leaves and brown sugar. After, combine it with rum and lemon juice. And donโ€™t forget about ice. You should use a cocktail shaker for making this drink.

Pour the mixture into the glass and dip it in a container with sugar and lime. Cocktail is ready for drinking up. To make it more delicious you can include raspberries or strawberries to this recipe. Muddle them together with mint.

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5. Sangria

No matter what kind of party you are going to have, sangria will be suitable for all variants. So you can arrange your celebrations inside or outside, just donโ€™t forget that this elegant cocktail with brilliant presentation. Combine together fruits, rum and brown sugar. In such way the fruits will be soaked. You have an opportunity to make sangria in different colors.

For example, if you take plums and berries youโ€™ll get a red color. But if you prefer a white one you should take raspberries, limes, peaches and mangoes. Prepare a mixture of juice (one part) and wine (three parts) and add soaked fruits to it. Keep in mind that it would be better to take peach or white grape juice for white wine. If you like red wine more, then take pomegranate and berry. Use wine goblets to serve your cocktail and decorate it with some fruits.

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6. Grown-up Lemonade

No doubt that lemonade is one of the most pleasing and refreshing drinks. But it can be even more refined if you make festive cocktail with it. You can either make lemonade at home or buy it at the store. Combine lemonade with some vodka.

The taste will be much better if you choose vodka with flavors of different fruits. For example, pomegranate flavor is really perfect. Try this marvelous drink to create a festive atmosphere at a girls night party.

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7. Bloody Mary

Another amazing cocktail which I would recommend you to make for your guests is Bloody Mary. It will be an ideal decision for a brunch party. For the preparation of this drink you need tomato juice and vodka. You can make the spicy version of a Bloody Mary for those who prefer a pungent taste. Just make sure you add some celery salt, black pepper and Worcestershire sauce.

Shake all the ingredients and pour into the glass with ice. It will look really nice if you decorate the cocktail with celery stalks and green olives. Enjoy drinking with your friends!

Which cocktails do you prefer to make for your parties? For instance, one of my favorites is margarita. Have you picked up the one to please your guests next time?

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