10 Awesome Grilled Cheese Sandwiches


Restaurants across the country often try their hand at creating their own trademark grilled cheese sandwich recipes. If they make something that hits home, they’re set for life. These sandwiches can be expensive, though. Not to mention, you often need to travel far for a favorite restaurant.

Here are ten of the best grilled cheese sandwich recipes that restaurants across the country have come up with. You could try to make your favorite sandwich at home.

1. Croque Madame

This winning grilled cheese sandwich is one of the fattiest artery cloggers you could imagine.

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A creation of the Campanile restaurant in Los Angeles, it’s made of grilled cheese and cured meats, with fried eggs laid out on top.

2. Salami panini

A panini is a pressed and toasted sandwich. It’s the pressing that you need a panini maker for. To make a salami-and-cheese panini, you’ll need rye bread, thin slices of hard salami, slices of Jarlsberg cheese, and butter.

Once you have these ingredients packed in rye bread, your panini maker should turn out great paninis in no time.

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3. Southwestern cheese panini

The Southwestern is a colorful preparation. You have shredded carrot and zucchini embedded in the cheese and salsa for zest. It’s an easy sandwich to eat, too – the salsa is an effective binding agent.

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4. The $15 grilled cheese sandwich

The world-famous $15 recipe that appears on menus all around the world now, got its start in the kitchen of Canadian chef Randy Feltis.

It’s an irresistible sandwich made of 4 stacked slices of thick-cut bread, seasoned with parsley, garlic and butter. In between the slices is a blend of multiple aged cheeses – Havarti, cheddar, brie and Asiago.

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5. New American grilled cheese

If you like your grilled cheese sandwiches gooey, the New American is for you. The gooeyness comes from the blend of shredded cheddar and butter that each slice of bread gets.

The cheese, blended with the sliced sausages that the recipe includes, puts out a wonderful array of flavors and aromas.

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6. The Tertulia grilled cheese

Named after the Tertulia restaurant in New York where it was created, this sandwich uses multigrain bread and 3 kinds of cheese – cheddar, Manchego and Gouda.

With an all-vegetable filling and no meat, this is a great sandwich for anyone on a vegetarian diet, too.

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7. Chili grilled cheese

If you have a taste for heat the Chili grilled recipe should work for you. It includes poblano peppers and salsa.

These hot ingredients, together with the flavor of yogurt and cheddar cheese, taste great in slices of sourdough bread.

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8. Farmhouse grilled cheese

Made with slices of pancetta, brioche and farmhouse cheddar, the Farmhouse is rich-tasting, and yet simple to make. All you need to do is to grill a sandwich filled with these cheeses and toast on a large griddle until the bread is golden brown and the cheese, melting.

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9. Challah cheese

Challah is a braided bread from Eastern Europe. Not only is it delicious, grilled cheese recipes involving Challah come with a special, identifiable flavor, too.

To make a Challah sandwich, you simply need to pack slices of the bread with shredded cheddar, butter, onions, bacon and ham, and grill on a griddle.

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10. Grilled ham, cheese, and pickle

You need sourdough bread, mozzarella and Gruyère cheeses, slices of prosciutto and bread-and-butter pickles to make the Grilled ham, cheese, and pickle sandwich.

With mayonnaise applied to both slices of your sandwich, you sprinkle cheese on and top it off with pickles and prosciutto. You grill it in butter on a skillet and dig in.

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To some, grilled cheese sandwiches are the superstar among foods. There’s even a month dedicated to them – April is supposed to be National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month. If you’re a fan, you need to do more than to order sandwiches up at restaurants, from time to time; you need to know how to make a winning sandwich or two. The list above should get you started.

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